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  • Esprit du Sel, Spiced Peppers Grey Sea Salt Blend


    Esprit du Sel's Spiced Peppers Grey Sea Salt Blend (which used to be known as "Sea Salt for Lamb and Game"), is a grey sea salt aromatized with a variety of peppercorns and carefully selected herbs and spices. It is a unique condiment salt handmade on the historic Atlantic island of Re, France. Gathered by "sauniers" raking the crystals from small bays of seawater, an artisanal tradition dating to the VIIth century.

    Use Esprit du Sel's Spiced Peppers Grey Sea Salt Blend when grilling or roasting lamb, game or red meat to add a dynamic and smoky flavor. Use in barbecue rubs and marinades. Sprinkle Spiced Peppers Blend over cooked vegetables or before roasting. Season cooking water for added flavor. Use instead of plain salt to add a unique taste to sauces, soups, sautees, broths and salad dressing.

    Ingredients: grey sea salt, paprika*, black peppercorn*, rosemary*, pink (pepper) berries*, coriander*, white peppercorn*, green peppercorn*, thyme*. (*Organic farming certified ingredients) Servings 250; Serving Size 1/4 teaspoon, Calories 0. Net Wt 8.8oz/250gr

    Other Esprit du Sel Grey Sea Salt Blends available: Fennel Garlic ParsleyHerbs de Provence and Mediterranean Citrus.

    Roasted Carrots

    Start with "bunch carrots", those slender very tender carrots sold with their green tops still attached. Drizzle a little olive oil in a grill friendly pan. Remove tops from the carrots, scrub clean, but don't peel the carrots if you don't have to. Slice carrots on the diagonal and toss in pan with a little more olive oil. The grill is usually hot for grilling other items, so we put the pan on the grill shelf, off direct heat. Stir and turn the carrots occasionally until roasted through and tender, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat.

    For this recipe, we like to grind the Esprit du Sel Spiced Peppers Grey Sea Salt a little finer with a mortar & pestle. Sprinkle the salt to taste over the carrots, toss and serve.