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  • Esprit du Sel Mediterranean Citrus Grey Sea Salt Blend


    This Esprit du Sel Grey Sea Salt is blended with carefully selected Mediterranean herbs with a touch of citrus. This blend brings out the best taste in all fish preparations; grilled, marinated, sautéed, or baked. Mediterranean Citrus Salt blend is also a fantastic seasoning for soups and broths. Use as a rub for chicken or roasts. Add an herbal citrus kick to salad dressing. Blend with butter and slather over corn on the cob. Grind Mediterranean Citrus Blend in a salt grinder to add another layer of flavor to your finished dish.

    Ingredients: Grey Sea Salt, savory herbs*, laurel* lemon peel* (*Organic farming certified ingredients). Servings 250; serving size 1/4 teaspoon; calories 0.  Net Wt 8.8oz/250gr

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