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  • Esprit du Sel, Herbs de Provence Grey Sea Salt Blend


    Herbs de Provence Grey Sea Salt Blend is Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt blended with French "Herbs de Provence". (Esprit du Sel has offered this blend for many years under the name "Esprit Du Sel Sea Salt for grilling with Herbs of Provence") Regardless of the new name, package, label and larger size, this unique condiment salt will continue to add a unique and exceptional French flair to your next barbeque.

    Esprit du Sel is handmade on the historic Atlantic island of Re, France. Salt is gathered by "sauniers" raking the crystals from small bays of seawater, an artisanal tradition dating to the VIIth century. Enjoy Esprit du Sel Herbs de Provence Grey Sea Salt Blend in marinades or as a rub when grilling or roasting fish, chicken, duck, turkey or meats. Use to season cooking water. Add fresh herbal flavor to cooked or roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes and salad dressing. Organic certified ingredients. Net Wt 8.8oz/250g