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Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Orange Mints


Ripe with citrus, Les Anis de Flavigny Orange mints also carry a subtle floral accent. Only five calories per mint, each candy begins with a single green aniseed at its center which is coated in layers of sugar to produce round smooth orange flavored mints that are sure to refresh your mouth with their generous, delicate, all-natural ingredients!

Each decorative tin contains about 30 mints and the cover of each flavor depicts the story of how young love ignites and grows. Here, the shepherd and his beloved shepherdess share their first rendezvous under the newly blossomed orange tree, sharing their dreams of a future together.

Produced in a medieval abbey in the ancient French town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, one of the villages where the film Chocolat was filmed. Five (5) calories per mint. Ingredients: sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed. Net Wt 1.75oz

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