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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Garlic & Thyme


Fresh garlic and thyme infuse this mild extra virgin olive oil for an earthy herbal flavor with heat and spice. A L'Olivier Garlic and Thyme Olive Oil is the perfect mediterranean seasoning for salad and marinades. Pairs well with fish, stews, roasted vegetables and potatoes, even mashed potatoes. Massage some Garlic & Thyme oil into a leg of lamb before roasting. Drizzle over a pizza before serving. Try some on a mushroom omelet. Blend Garlic & Thyme oil with some raspberry vinegar for a delicious dressing - perfect to drizzle over a cold chicken or duck salad. A product of A L'Olivier, a renowned oil producer in France. Extra virgin olive oil with natural extracts of garlic and thyme. Net 8.3 fluid oz/250ml