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  • Smoked Sweet Paprika


    Our Smoked Sweet Paprika comes from Spain where it is made by drying a mild pimiento red pepper in an oak wood fired oven before being ground into powder. Deep orange red in color with a delicious sweet, smoky flavor, smoked paprika is a popular ingredient in Mediterranean and Spanish cooking.

    Add to recipes or sprinkle over foods to flavor and garnish. Smoked Paprika complements chicken, pork and shrimp dishes and is excellent on grilled and roasted vegetables. Add rich red color and a subtle smokiness to cream sauces and soups. Sprinkle over mashed potatoes baked or deviled eggs for a smoky kick. Add a complex flavor component to stews featuring beans, lentils, sausage, chicken, shrimp or seafood. Infuse into olive oil or add to vinaigrettes and use to dress salads.