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Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Black Currant Mints


Black Currant Les Anis de Flavigny candies carry a bold, bright, fruit flavor with a slight hint of lingering peppermint. Sure to freshen your taste buds in an instant. Each candy contains an aniseed center which is coated with fine layers of sugar and rich heady extract of black currant. Made of all-natural ingredients these mints contain just five calories per candy.

Packaged in a decorative tin, each cover shares a scene from the love story of the Les Flavigny shepherd and his beloved shepherdess. On the Black Currant cover, the lovers ride their trusy steeds, a sheep and a horse, and enjoy a romantic - and very original - date night together.

Produced in France. Ingredients: sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed. About 30 mints in each tin. Five (5) calories per mint.  Net Wt 1.75oz

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