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  • Les Anis de Flavigny All Natural Mint Candy


    Minty and sweet, these Les Anis de Flavigny mint drops will leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. The center of evey mint contains a green aniseed. A delicious and refreshing alternative to classic breathmints and the perfect end to any meal! Not only five calories per serving, but made with all natural ingredients.

    Depicting the love story between a shepherd and his shepherdess, Les Anis de Flavigny candy tins follow the lovers' growth and life story together, as well as their love for each other. On this tin, relaxing by the water, the shepherd notices the reflection of the young shepherdess, and thinks, "What a lovely surprise!"

    Produced in France - created in the same village the movie Chocolat was filmed! About 30 mints in each tin. Five (5) calories per mint. Ingredients: sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed. Net Wt 1.75oz

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