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Villa Manodori Artiginale Balsamico, Dark Cherry


This is a balsamic vinegar for cherry lovers. Crafted by Villa Manodori in Modena Italy, Michelin-starred Chef Massimo Bottura has combined two Modenese culinary traditions Vignola cherries and balsamic vinegar. This Dark Cherry balsamico acquires it subtle undertone during the process of aging local trebbiano grape must in Vignola cherry wood. The beautiful artiginale balsamic vinegar has a dark rich color, intense aroma, subtle taste of cherry and a syrupy consistency. Use Villa Manodori Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar to glaze game, pork and duck. Add it to sauces or drizzle over grilled radicchio, endive, pepper or tomatoes. Combine with extra virgin olive oil and toss with bitter greens. Add a few drops of dark cherry balsamico to ice cream, creme brulee or fruit salad for dessert. Net Wt 8.5oz/250ml boxed

Villa Manodori also produces an aged Artiginale Balsamic Vinegar and an Extra Vecchio Aceto Balsamico, Gold Seal Traditional Balsamic Vinegar