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Villa Manodori Balsamic Vinegar (Artiginale Balsamico)


Villa Manodori Artiginale Balsamico, a favorite with our customers, is an artisan balsamic vinegar crafted in Modena Italy by blending young and aged aceto balsamico. Aged 10 to 20 years in small barrels of oak, chestnut and juniper, Villa Manodori yields a beautiful balsamic condiment vinegar with a dark rich color, intense aroma and syrupy consistency. A versatile condiment that adds rich balsamic flavor to sauces and marinades and wonderful flavor to fruit or cheese. Net Wt 250ml boxed

Villa Manodori also produces a Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinegar and a Extra Vecchio Aceto Balsamico, Gold Seal Traditional Balsamic Vinegar