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Rose Petal Confit


Fresh and floral in flavor, this Rose Petal Confiture from L'Epicurien is perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea or a light sweet snack. The perfect balance of sweet and rose.  Stir some of this confiture into your vanilla ice cream or yogurt. Layer Rose Petal Confit into a parfait or serve it with custard or panna cotta. Spread it on cracker topped with a  smear of cream cheese or goat cheese, or add it to a cheese plate. Use as a glaze for cheesecake and Persian Love cakes. For a sweet hot treat, stir Rose Petal Confit into your favorite hot tea! Ingredients: cane sugar, water, rose petals (1.2%), concentrated lemon juice, fruit pectin, calcium citrate, natural rose aroma. Net Wt 4.4 oz