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Lavender Flowers Confit


Sweet, light, and floral with a hint of lemon, Lavender Flowers Confit from L'Epicurien is a lovely addition to yogurt, vanilla ice cream, and cream. This fabulous lavender jelly can be eaten with breakfast, afternoon tea, dessert or as part of a snack. Blend with frosting for the inner layer of a cake. Sweeten tea. Use as a filling for your next batch of freshly baked macrons. Serve with lamb and roasted meats. Include Lavender Flowers Confit with your next cheese platter.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, using no additives or preservatives. Enjoy the taste of Provence's lush lavender fields, in the comfort of your very own home! Ingredients: cane sugar, grape sugar, concentrated lemon juice, fruit pectin, calcium citrate, lavender flowers, natural lavender aroma. Net Wt 4.4oz