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Roasted Chestnut Black Tea


Roasted Chestnut tea delivers a deep, balanced rich black tea blend with a delicious aroma. It has a roasty nut flavor with notes of chestnut, caramel and cocoa, a smooth mouth feel and a little sweet silkiness. A perfect cool weather black tea blend for days you are not in the mood for a straight black tea but you don't want the "extra flavors" that come with many blends.

Roasted Chestnut tea is also a favorite with coffee drinkers making it a great alternative to coffee for really waking you up in the morning. Delivers a high level of caffeine. Packaged as a loose leaf tea, 4 ounces brews approximately 38-40 cups of tea. Blended from: black tea, roasted mate, roasted green tea, natural and artificial flavor.

Need to limit caffeine? You may also enjoy Roasted Chestnut Decaf Black Tea.