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  • Roasted Chestnut Decaf Black Tea


    Almost identical to the original Roasted Chestnut Black Tea, but without the caffeine. Decaf Roasted Chestnut tea delivers a deep, balanced rich black tea blend with a delicious aroma. It has a roasty nut flavor with notes of chestnut, caramel and cocoa, a smooth mouth feel and a little sweet silkiness. The perfect cool weather black tea blend for days you are not in the mood for caffeine or a straight black tea, and you don't want the "extra flavors" that come with many blends.

    Decaffeinated using the "Supercritical CO2 Decaffeination Process" which passes heated and pressurized CO2 through the tea leaves, bonding with and removing the caffeine molecules while leaving the rest of the tea leaves chemical structure intact. More expensive than other methods of decaffeination, but it is believed to be the best method to remove the caffeine while preserving the character of the tea.

    Packaged as a loose-leaf tea, 4 ounces brews approximately 38-40 cups of tea. Blended from: black tea, roasted mate, roasted green tea, natural and artificial flavor.