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  • Peach Paradise Herbal Tea


    A blend of peach and fruit flavors, Peach Paradise is a fruity, smooth, aromatic and sweet herbal blend that brews a pretty ruby peach color. Perfect year round; definitely delicious served as a hot beverage, and very refreshing as an iced tea. A thirst quenching summertime cooler or a warming wintertime summer reminder. No caffeine. Ingredients: apple pieces, elderberries, hibiscus, rosehips, natural flavors. Brew 1 heaping teaspoon (3 grams) Peach Paradise tea in 8 ounces of boiling water, 212* F, for 5 minutes. Packaged as a loose leaf tea, 4 ounces makes about 38 cups.

    Peach Paradise Cooler

    1 cup brewed Peach Paradise Herbal Tea, cooled
    1 cup gingerale (regular or diet)
    1 peach cut into thin wedges
    fresh mint sprigs for garnish

    Fill two tall glasses with ice. Drop 2 peach wedges into each glass while adding the ice, 1 wedge near the bottom of the glass, the other wedge when the glass is about half full of ice. Pour 1/2 cup cooled Peach Paradise tea into each glass. Pour 1/2 cup gingerale into each glass and stir gently. Garnish each glass with a peach wedge and a sprig of fresh mint.  Serves 2

    Variation on a theme: To turn your Peach Paradise Cooler into a cocktail, along with the Peach Paradise tea and gingerale, add 1 shot of bourbon to each glass and stir gently.

    Serving a crowd: Multiply up the ingredients. Combine the cooled Peach Paradise tea, gingerale, bourbon (optional) and sliced peaches in a pitcher. Stir gently. Serve in glasses filled with ice, garnished with a peach wedge and a sprig of mint.