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  • Prairie Passion Tea


    A black and green tea blend with hints of calendula, rose petals and rosehips. Prairie Passion is a medium-bodied tea, a little fruity, a little tangy with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for any season. Brewed hot, Prairie Passion will keep the chill of a biting winter prairie wind at bay, but it is also refreshing as an iced tea. Thirst quenching on those hot humid days best spent on a porch enjoying the breeze and watching large puffy clouds drift over the never-ending prairie grasslands.

    Contains caffeine. Ingredients: black tea, rosehips, green tea, natural flavor, calendula, rose petals. Packaged as a loose-leaf tea. 4 ounces brews about 38 cups. Steep 3 grams tea in 8 ounces of 212° F water for 3 minutes.