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  • Celery Seed, Whole

    Whole Celery Seed is the dried fruit of the celery plant, aromatic and slightly bitter with the aroma of celery. Celery Seed complements egg and fish dishes, and is wonderful on salads and cooked vegetables. A key ingredient in pickling spice; celery seed adds flavor and texture to bread and rolls, coleslaw, dressings, pasta, potato, chicken, tuna and salmon salads, soup, marinades and tomato juice cocktail.


    Mix up a tasty, low-fat, and healthy celery seed dressing that's perfect for salads year-round. Our version is made with less sugar, less salt and heart healthy olive oil. Use it instead of mayo to make tuna pasta salad. Try it as a dip - it tastes great with bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, cucumbers and more.

    Celery Seed Dressing

    1/4 cup sugar
    1 Tablespoon celery seed
    1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
    1 teaspoon ground mustard (aka mustard flour or mustard powder)
    1/8 - 1/4 cup onion chopped
    1/3 cup white wine vinegar
    1 cup extra virgin olive oil

    Pour vinegar into a blender container. Add sugar, celery seed, sea salt, mustard flour and onion. Cover blender and blend to thoroughly mix ingredients. Remove center of blender cover. While blender is running, slowly add oil in a thin stream.

    Refrigerate until ready to use. Dressing will separate, so shake before using.

    Makes 1 1/2 cups

    Celery Seed Vinegar

    2 ½ tablespoons of celery seed
    2 cups of cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, or rice wine vinegar

    In a saucepan mix together the celery seed and the vinegar. Heat over medium until vinegar is hot. Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool. Pour cooled vinegar seed mixture into a clean sterile bottle and set aside to steep. Make sure the vinegar completely covers the seeds in the bottle.

    Cover and store in a cool, dark place without opening for 2 weeks so the flavor can deepen. Shake the jar occasionally during this time. After the flavor has fully developed, strain the seeds out of the vinegar and pour the vinegar into a clean bottle. Remember to label and date the bottle.

    Use Celery Seed Vinegar wherever you would normally use vinegar; salad dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, beverages or sauces.