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  • Esprit du Sel, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt

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    On the historic island of Re on the Atlantic coast of France, naturally intense and flavorful salt has been hand-harvested from the sea since the seventh century. Esprit du Sel sea salts are harvested from the same unpolluted waters, a major source of the delicious shellfish that so many Americans marvel at when in France. These sea salts taste like the sea they came from and contain iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine. Due to their superior flavor and health benefits, these sea salts are favored by culinary professionals.

    Literally "the Flower of Salt," Esprit du Sel's fleur de sel is made from the finest white salt skimmed from the thin surface layer of the salt pans in summer, and known as the crème de la crème of French sea salts. When piled up, it blooms, developing a pink tinge and the aroma of violets. It looks like tiny snowflakes and is deeply salty.

    Use Fleur de Sel as a finishing salt. Put some in a bowl or on a small plate and use as a condiment for dipping with raw vegetables. Sprinkle on steak, fish and roasted vegetables. Use Fleur de Sel to embellish homemade caramels and truffles.

    Please Note: Esprit du Sel changed their packaging a number of years ago. The Fleur de Sel is currently available in the container with the black cap. It was formerly packaged in a plastic container with a white cap - we have included both pictures for your reference only. It is no longer produced in the package with the white cap. Net Wt 5.64oz/160gr

    Pair this Fleur de Sel  with a Fleur de Sel Salt Dish, or a wood salt spoon to create a unique gift for your favorite cook.

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