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  • Edmond Fallot Old Fashion Grain Mustard in Stone Jar

    $16.99 $14.49

    Edmond Fallot Old Fashioned Grain Dijon Mustard (Moutarde en Grains) is a rustic and hearty seed style grain mustard with a mild and smooth flavor and just a little spice.  Wonderful on hearty meats, sandwiches and wraps. Beautiful for a cream sauce over white fish or spread on grilled meats. This blend that includes 16.7% white wine adds a kick to salad dressings and marinades. The traditional stone mustard crock makes this mustard an excellent host/hostess gift. Or enjoy it yourself and use the stone crock in the kitchen as a vase for fresh cut flowers or a unique pencil holder.

    Edmond Fallot mustards are made in Beaune, France near Dijon, where seeds are selected for their high quality and then ground in a traditional stone mill. The Fallot Family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality since 1840, combining traditional expertise, intimate knowledge of Burgundy wine grapes and passionate quality control. Net Wt 8.8oz

    Note: Edmond Fallot recently changed the graphics for this mustard. The first image shown here with the hand drawn Moutarderie is the new packaging. Same great mustard still packaged in a stone jar. This new packaging replaces the second image showing green & red graphics on a stone jar. We're only shipping the new packaging, but showing both pictures here to help customers recognize the mustard they may have purchased previously now has a new look.