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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil In Drum 700ml


This distinctly sweet, fragrant, fruity extra virgin olive oil from A L'Olivier is true to Provencal style, and is low on acidity and high on versatility. Cold extracted and beautifully presented in a metal drum, this is an ideal oil for those looking for a green fruity, but mild, olive flavor.

Produced by one of France's most respected oil specialists A L'Olivier's quaint shop founded in the old Marais quarter of Paris has been a purveyor of fine oils, to refined Parisian palates since 1822. With beautifully presented products, bolstered with a world-renowned reputation for quality, A L'Olivier is an award winning leader in the specialty food community.  Net Wt 25.4oz/750ml

A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available in a 16.7oz/500ml bottle and 16.7oz/500ml white stone crock