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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


The term Mère goutte goes back to the 19th century. The term refers to the first drop of oil from the olive paste to fall into the wicker basket, even before the paste has started to be pressed. A first press, cold press extra virgin olive oil produced by one of France's most respected oil specialists. A L'Olivier's quaint shop founded in 1822 in the old Marais quarter of Paris still serves Parisians who know their oils. "Mere goutte" (Mother's taste) is a distinctly sweet, fragrant and  green fruity extra virgin olive oil in the Provencal style. Low in acidity and very versatile. Ideal when looking for a fruity but mild olive flavor. Net Wt 16.7oz/500ml

A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available in a larger size 25.4oz/700ml white metal drum and a decorative  16.7oz/500ml white stone crock