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Poultry Spice Rub


A perfect balance of savory and classic aromatics, herbs and spices blended to complement and enhance the delicate flavors of poultry.  A fantastic spice blend for anything poultry with a bright herbaceous flavor and notes of lemon and onion. Use Poultry Spice Rub to season grilled, roasted or fried poultry. Mix with butter and tuck under poultry skin before roasting. Shake or rub on pork. Use Poultry Spice to add extra flavor to potato, rice and pasta dishes. Amp up your favorite egg dishes with a dash of Poultry Spice. Mix into classic bread or grain stuffings. Mixed from: spices, salt, granulated honey, granulated onion, granulated garlic, lemon peel, crushed red pepper and mustard.