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Pommery Cognac Mustard (Stone Jar) / Moutarde de Meaux Royale Pommery Crock with Cognac

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Produced in the town of Meaux 40 miles north east of Paris. Pommery Meaux mustard is a rustic mustard, pleasant on the palate and full of sweetness. In antiquity Meaux mustard was prepared exclusively by the religious orders and known and prized by gourmets and epicures. In 1760 a dignitary of the chapter of Meaux passed onto MJB Pommery the secret of the original mustard that since 1632 enjoyed the envied privilege of appearing officially at the royal table. In 1890, the Pommery family were the only mustard makers left in Meaux. Today, Pommery's Meaux Mustard has kept the same recipe as in the past, its ingredients are carefully selected for their different qualities.

Made with 6% cognac by volume, this seriously sophisticated Royal mustard, delivers the taste and scent of French Cognac giving it a smooth, rich flavor. A bold large grain spicy mustard with a nutty dijon flavor infused with the bright sweet smooth notes of high-quality brandy. Slather Moutarde Royale on a sandwich or enjoy with roasted veal, lamb, chicken, or beef. Serve with cheese or your favorite cured or smoked meats.

Packaged in a black stoneware pot with a stopper cork and wax gold seal, this mustard is perfect for gift giving. To open, use a butter knife to break the wax seal and gently ease out the cork. Net Wt 8.8oz