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  • Northern Lights Herbal Tea


    Caffeine free and casual. A complex but laid-back herbal tea. Smooth and flavorful with a slight crispness; sweet spearmint, vanilla and chamomile shine through with hints of anise. Naturally sweet, the perfect drink for late in the day, or whenever you don't want anything caffeinated. A cozy warm relaxing blend for chilly evenings. The tea for those who like porch sitting, loon songs, cricket calls and star gazing in the Northwoods.

    Caffeine Free. Ingredients: chamomile, rosehips, spearmint, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, natural flavor, peppermint, star anise, lavender, lemongrass, stevia, wild cherry bark, lemon peel. Packaged as a loose-leaf tea. 4 ounces brews about 38 cups.

    Steep 4 grams tea (approximately 1 tablespoon) in 10-12 ounces of 212°F water for 5 minutes

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