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  • Fishermen's Blend Black Tea


    Fishermen's Blend is a combination of four black teas. A breakfast tea that delivers bold briskness and subtle smokiness with the full-body and presence to wake you up on those early mornings when caffeine alone is not enough. Strong and resolute against the cold dampness of morning waters but with a subtle sophistication that often goes unrecognized. Perfect when you need something to radiate from the inside to cut through the cold, alert the senses, stimulate your energy and focus.

    Blended from Ceylon black tea for body and spicy aromatics, Yunnan black tea for the earthy tobacco-like presence, Darjeeling black tea for woodsy, floral spice and Smoked Lapsang Souchong for smokiness. Contains caffeine. Packaged as a loose-leaf tea, 4 ounces makes about 38 cups.

    Steeping Instructions: At a minimum - pour boiling water over 3 grams of tea in a standard 10-ounce mug and steep 4 minutes.  To bring out all the spicy aromatics, nuance and texture with some astringency - increase the tea to 4 grams. To deliver more body, more caffeine and more astringency - increase the tea to 5 grams.