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Edmond Fallot Spiced Honey (Honey & Gingerbread) Dijon Mustard (Seed Style)

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Note: This is a seasonal item, available from August - December while supplies last....

A perfect combination of old fashioned whole grain mustard, honey and Pain d'Epices, spice bread, from Burgundy was the inspiration for this mustard.  Honey & Gingerbread Dijon Mustard blends the sweetness of honey and warm spices with the heat of dijon to compliment sweet meats like ham, pork, and turkey. Try it on a bagel with a little ham or prosciutto. Mix it into salad dressing. Slather it on a ham or turkey sandwich. Add a dab to steamed vegetables. Use as a rub on pork, meat or fish. Absolutely unbelievable with pate or rillettes!

A real dijon mustard made by Edmond Fallot in Beaune France following the recipe and methods made law in Dijon in 1634. Family operated, Fallot Mustard combines traditional expertise, intimate knowledge of Burgundy wine grapes and passionate quality control.  Net Wt 7.2oz