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Edmond Fallot Red Wine Vinegar (16oz)


Made with fine red wine, Edmond Fallot Red Wine Vinegar is perfect for salad dressing, marinades or sauces. Made with the finest ingredients, this aged red wine vinegar, flavorful and tangy, fully embodies it's red wine taste. That deep rich flavor makes Fallot's aged red wine vinegar good enough to be drizzled on greens alone or as the perfect base for delicious vinaigrettes. This red wine vinegar also melds best with dark meats like beef or game like venison making it an excellent base for marinades. Destined to become an essential in your kitchen, use Edmond Fallot Red Wine Vinegar in any recipe that calls for vinegar and store it on your counter to show off it's wine bottle appearance.

Since its start in 1840, Fallot has been an independent family-owned company located in Burgundy France and committed to using traditional techniques to produce exceptional dijon mustards and wine vinegars. Net Wt 16oz