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Acetaia Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar - Gold Seal


Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale Di Reggia Emilia, Gold Seal. A traditional balsamic vinegar by the Cavalli brothers, sons of Ferdinando Cavalli, the legendary founder of the Reggio Emilia Consortium in Italy. The Cavalli name and reputation assures the highest quality in Balsamics. By law, this vinegar is aged at least 25 years in wood casks of oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper before being judged. Gold Seal, the ultimate grade is awarded by an official consortium of expert tasters.

Cavalli Gold Seal balsamic vinegar is an extraordinarily complex and rich balsamic vinegar, an unbelievable combination of sweet and sour, incredibly silky and smooth. Deep ebony in color, a rich and intense elixir. A few drops add glorious flavor with hints of berries, grapes and vanilla. Delicious drizzled over savory and spicy cheeses, strawberries, cherries, whipped cream and ice cream. Numbered and boxed with a booklet of balsamic vinegar history and recipes. Net Wt 3.4oz/100ml