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Rose Petals


Beyond their fragrance and beauty, Rose Petals also have many culinary uses, lending their distinctive aroma and light, tart-sweet flavor to syrups, oils, sauces, baked goods, frosting, beverages, sugars, candies, jams, ice creams and so much more. When steeped in hot water, the petals are richly fragrant. Rose petals have been utilized as an herb in cooking for thousands of years and are common in European, Middle Eastern, Persian, Turkish and North African cuisines.

Rose Petals are frequently used as a last-minute garnish for both savory and sweet dishes and are commonly included in pastries, cakes and sweets containing nuts and dried fruits.  Infuse rose flavor into oil, water, syrup, spirits, vinegar, tea, honey or sugar. Use to make spice blends such as ras-el-hanout and advieh which are commonly used to season stews, tagines and grains. Make rose petal jelly, jam and butter. Add to vegetables, meats and poultry as well as rice and couscous dishes.

Culinary quality. Naturally gluten free. These dried rose petals are pink and off-white with some minimal brownish areas due to the drying process. Ready to use. If using in a recipe without much liquid, steep rose petals briefly in a small amount of hot water to release their flavor and fragrance.