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  • Red Berries Herbal Tea


    Naturally caffeine free, Red Berries tea is a wonderfully aromatic and fruity herbal tea that steeps a beautiful ruby red in color. Full bodied, with tons of sweet fruit and berry flavors it finishes with a slight zing of tartness. A perfect balance of sweet and tart, Red Berries easily stands on its own without additional sweetening; adding a little sweetener or honey takes the tart edge off the finish and gives Red Berries a sweeter, almost punch like flavor. Rich and very pleasant served warm, Red Berries also makes a great iced tea with a fruity flavor that refreshes during hot weather.

    Muddle some iced Red Berries tea with some fresh berries add a little sugar, lime, white rum and club soda - serve over ice and garnish for a "berry refreshing" mojito.

    Contains: hibiscus, rosehips, sultanas, apple, elderberry, natural flavors, blackberry leaves, blackberries, sour cherry pieces and raspberries. Naturally caffeine free. Packaged as a loose-leaf tea, 4 ounces brews approximately 35-40 cups of tea.

    Brew 3 grams tea in 10-12 ounces 212*F water and steep 8 minutes. For iced tea, use 5 grams of tea in a standard mug and steep for 5 minutes in boiling (212*F) water. Pour over a heaping glass of ice.