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  • Onion Powder


    Onion is one of the most universal seasonings. Native to Western Asia, cultivated by the ancient Babylonians over 4,000 years ago. Onion powder is perfect for instantly adding onions' pungent savory flavor to a recipe without the preparation. Use in recipes where the flavor, but not the texture of onion is desired. Add onion powder to salad dressings, dips and sandwich fillings. Whisk into mayonnaise and herbs for a savory dressing. Add extra flavor to soups, chowders, broths and stews. Sprinkle onion powder on roasted potatoes or other vegetables. Add to marinades, flavor roasts, baked fish or chicken, cheese and egg dishes. Use onion powder to enhance casseroles and rice dishes. non-GMO and naturally gluten free.

    Tip: 1/2 teaspoon onion powder equals 1/4 cup fresh chopped onion.