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Olive Oil Soap

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Fratelli Carli Saponetta is a Marseille olive oil bar soap enriched with all the marvelous smoothing, protective and moisturizing properties of olive oil. Ideal for washing the hands, face and body, its neutral pH and ultra-delicate formula leave skin soft and velvety smooth making it perfect for all skin types. The citrus fragrance with notes of jasmine, lavender and orange gives Carli olive oil soap a pleasantly refreshing scent. This delicate lasting fragrance is also an excellent way to scent linen and clothing drawers. 

The traditional Marseille soap making process is carried out in large melting tanks at natural pressure over four days with four nights' rest in between. The melting process is followed by the mixing, cooking, washing and concentration stages before the soap solidifies. In this now rare craftsman's art, it is the human eye and touch that makes the difference, leading to a superior quality olive oil soap. Net Wt 5.3oz