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Juicy Ginger Mate Herbal Tea


Juicy Ginger Mate is a robust, medium bodied, yet gentle “tea” with the delicious, bracing taste of lemon and ginger, along with a mild herbal flavor and a touch of natural sweetness. It has a calming, yet invigorating scent of deep earthiness and herbs, with a kick of lemongrass. Perfect served hot during the fall and winter months, Juicy Ginger Mate also makes a wonderful refreshing iced tea for warm weather sipping and tastes great with or without sweetener.

Mate is categorized as an herbal infusion because the leaves come from the shrub tree ilex paraguariensis, a plant related to holly, not the tea plant camellia sinensis. Unlike many other herbal “tea” infusions which are usually caffeine free, Mate contains an invigorating and powerful form of caffeine called “mateine”, a powerful stimulant frequently found in commercial "energy drinks". High in antioxidants, Mate contains many minerals, including potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Mate isn’t acidic like coffee, and is lower in tannins, making it a less bitter, and very enjoyable drink.

Juicy Ginger Mate contains caffeine/mateine. Ingredients: green mate, roasted mate, lemongrass, natural and artificial flavor, and ginger root. Packaged as a loose leaf tea. Brew 1 heaping teaspoon in 8 ounces boiling water (212 degrees F); 4 ounces brews 35-40 servings of tea.