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  • Chai Latte Tea


    Note: We are currently sold out, due to the vendor being out of stock, and backordered until October 30 - you can place your order now and we will ship it in the order it was received as soon as we are back in stock.

    Mmmm craving the spicy sweet aroma of a cup of steaming chai? If only it didn't come with all those extra calories from sugar. But wait - you can enjoy Pinky Up Chai Latte without blowing your diet. Just brew with water, the blend of premium black tea and spices is naturally calorie free and packs enough flavor to enjoy on its own. It's also wonderful with a little milk and sweetener. Contains caffeine. Packaged as a loose leaf tea, each tin contains enough tea to make 25, 8 fluid ounce servings. Net Wt 3.0oz