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Candy Apple White Tea


An apple a day! Tangy, sweet, and light, Candy Apple White is ripe for the picking! Not only does this tea taste delicious, its freshly brewed scent includes notes of baked sweet apples straight out of the oven, garnished with cinnamon and a hint of fresh squeezed lemon. This white tea blend is wonderful hot, especially during the fall and winter, but also tastes great iced year-round. Add a little sweetener for an extra special treat!

Candy Apple White tea contains caffeine. Ingredients: white tea, natural flavor, and lemongrass. Packaged as a loose leaf tea. Brew 1 heaping teaspoon Candy Apple White in 8 ounces very hot but not boiling water (155-175 degrees F) for 3 minutes. 4 ounces brews 35-38 servings of tea.