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A L’Olivier Virgin Cold Pressed Walnut Oil


Made at A L'Olivier's Poitou mill in west-central France, this walnut oil is made exclusively from toasted walnuts. Walnuts of the best quality are lightly toasted to bring out their warm full flavor, and are gently pressed to ensure a high quality oil, with a smooth finish. They are stone-milled and gently grilled to add the sweet pleasant flavor of cooked kernels. They are then placed in a hydraulic press, where the oil is extracted. Walnut oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, essential to a healthy diet.

Use walnut oil as a condiment to flavor fish, chicken and steaks before serving. Toss with pasta or vegetables. Jazz up desserts, add a small amount into walnut cake, cookie or bread recipes to intensify the walnut flavor. Add a few drops of walnut oil to potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips carrots or beans. Drizzle walnut oil over a salad made with endive, avocado, chicken and Roquefort cheese. Blend with Raspberry Vinegar for a delicious vinaigrette. Drizzle walnut oil over grilled fruits and serve with ice cream. Stir walnut oil into vanilla ice cream. Net 8.4 fl oz/250ml